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All-in-One DAM, Editing, Workflow, & Translation for Global Brand Governance.

Enable creative automation with self service portals, and streamlined digital asset management. Harness the future of intelligence and efficiency with Knowz, where ai learns from your organisation only.

All-in-One DAM, Editing, Workflow, & Translation for Global Brand Governance. (1)
Harness the power of files from Figma, Adobe and Canva in one DAM smart AI capable solution
Digital Asset Management 3.0

Harness the power of files from Figma, Adobe and Canva in one DAM smart AI capable solution

  • Set up yourself or let us do it for you: Knowz enhances management of every assets from Adobe inDesign, Canva, Figma, Microsoft and many more; Importing every file type from existing DAMs so we can do the heavy lifting for you with everything being editable, permissions and automated however you need. 

  • Self-service portals: based on the role and engagement required, from customer service to the C-suite we take care of employees; From sales partners to other outlets, we take care of your channels and if you want mass UGC from end consumers, we handle that too. Empower your organization to unlock the full potential of all of your marketing assets in a governed way.

Connect with ease: the power of Knowz's connectors

Integrate seamlessly with over 100 native applications, streamlining how Knowz absorbs knowledge and files of any type. Experience a DAM that handles and can learn all text, all assets and any complex file from videos to the most complex inDesign or Excel files all within Knowz's secure superfast proprietary database architecture.  Access any of the data or files directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams on demand based on your user role.
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All-in-one editing tools

In-built editing and governance for documents, animated posts, video, web and email with automation

  • Knowz has one easy drag and drop editor built-in for video, animation, documents, HTML, SVG, images, audio, InDesign, PDF and Figma files: centralize and streamline your marcom flows, ensuring a consistent and cohesive creative process. This integration optimizes both cost and functionality, as it reduces the need for multiple software solutions and facilitates flexible workflows for teams from a few to millions at very cost effective scaling.

  • Govern the production and organization of digital content: whether dealing with a handful or millions of assets, Knowz enhances productivity and ensures your digital resources are readily available and systematically structured. Simultaneously, Knowz allows you to define exactly what can and can't be changed with the most comprehensive out of the box restriction settings available anywhere.
In-built editing and governance for documents, animated posts, video, web and email with automation
Revolutionize decision-making_ the hubs smart workflow system
Advanced workflow & approval processes

Revolutionize decision-making: Knowz's smart workflow system

  • Transform your content process: take charge of your content lifecycle with Knowz, designed to seamlessly guide every asset from inception to publication. By embedding workflow wherever required, Knowz ensures that only what you need out there is complied with.

  • Streamline your processes with the intelligence of Knowz’s integrated editor and workflow: as your team works, Knowz manages jobs, print, share and new design requests, and gives you visibility across the organization in real time. All these advancements operate firmly within the bounds of your organization's governance practices, ensuring seamless compliance and informed decision-making.

Trained Generative Artificial Intelligence

Deploy our Learned Intelligence for revolutionary knowledge powers

  • Cultivate the move towards AI for a competitive edge without risk: Knowz’s Learning Intelligence (LI) system goes beyond mere generative AI functionality—it steers sophisticated content curation you allow it to learn and only that. With every ingestion, Knowz's LI-owned LLMs are ring-fenced not just by organization, but by user access, turning vast data into actionable knowledge. Users can ask and be assured to get the answer you need anywhere they need it.

  • Immerse yourself in 100% accurate knowledge knowing it is always correct: we have meticulously engineered algorithmic advancements to revolutionize asset updates across your organization everywhere. Legal disclaimers and essential documents can now be updated within seconds—even as they are accessed and utilized by hundreds of thousands of users, potentially millions of times. Our system enables signed document updates and legal compliance to be synchronized across the entire organization, mitigating risk and ensuring governance at an unprecedented scale.
Deploy our Learned Intelligence for revolutionary knowledge powers

Accelerate your creative and digital potential with Knowz

From start-ups to global giants, Knowz scales with you, delivering a powerful suite of digital asset management tools and advanced creative solutions; With the power to turn on or off incredible AI as it learns.

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  • All file types
    • Images, Video & Audio files
    • Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations & much more
    • native InDesign & all Adobe
    • native Figma & more
    • HTML web/email and more
  • Smart assets with instant update
    • Logos, elements & color pallettes
    • Fonts & Styling
    • Text, placeholders
    • Text, common use approved
    • Text, glossary & locales
    • Automation assets
  • Comprehensive editing suite
  • Instant background removal tools
  • Smart auto resize capability
  • Text and Image AI create features
  • Adaptive Learning Intelligence
  • Automation for bulk creation
  • Advanced import capability
  • Zero-emissions global printing
  • Robust access and permission system
  • Universal mobile apps
  • Self-service portals
  • White-label OEM integration
  • Instant global asset update
  • Workflows and approval processes
  • Global localization and auto-translation
  • Comprehensive analytics & audit tools
  • Deep linking capabilities
  • Design and printing services
  • Migration and translation services
  • Centralized corporate marketing hub
  • User-generated content capabilities
  • Simplified branded templates
  • Brand governance controls
  • Real-time team collaboration
  • Team feeds with live updates
  • 100+ universal connectors
Synergy in content distribution and communication across the organization
Unified channel publishing & bot integration

Synergy in content distribution and communication across the organization

  • Streamline your brand's presence across multiple digital platforms: equip teams with powerful Channel Publishing tools to make answers available where you need day to day, ensuring your knowledge is where it needs to be. 

  • Knowz’s integrated self-service portal: provide your team with direct access to digital assets, documents and publishing features that support autonomy and efficiency. Combined with company trained bots, it facilitates deeper engagement and dynamic interactions to guarantee a perfect experience.
Team feed & auditability

Master your data with real-time feeds and complete audit trails

  • Experience the advantage of timely insights with instantaneous updates across all assets: Knowz's real-time feeds provide valuable user interaction data, driving optimization and strategic resource allocation. Embrace a harmonized digital asset environment that simultaneously enhances efficiency and ensures that assets perform to their highest potential.

  • Maintain the highest levels of accountability: every action within your digital asset management system is meticulously logged, offering you complete transparency and traceability. This level of detail empowers you to be audit-ready at any moment, providing strategic governance and compliance benefits that protect and elevate your enterprise.
Master your data with real-time feeds and complete audit trails

Empower your enterprise with Knowz: trusted by industry leaders

See how the globe's most innovative and high-performing companies are boosting their productivity and enhancing engagement with Knowz.
Introducing the worlds fastest localization solution – only with the hub
Accelerated translations for global companies

Introducing the world's fastest localization solution – only with Knowz

  • Rapid market localization capabilities: utilize Knowz's sophisticated integrated company translation libraries to transcend mere translation, achieving deep cultural adaptation of your marketing assets with AI if turned on. This substantial advancement reduces the conventional time-to-market from months down to days or hours, enabling your organization to expedite global rollouts fast. 

  • Localize and connect with precision and ease: effortlessly sync with Knowz for streamlined content translation and assured contextual integrity in all publishing channels for the portals, internal systems, web and more. 
Complete mobile integration:

Unleashing accessible knowledge and editable content everywhere

  • A robust suite of apps for iOS and Android: where every tool, asset, and vital data is accessible and customizable for all, everywhere, every time. Ensuring your workforce stays connected and efficient regardless of location. These apps are designed to bring the full power of Knowz's platform to your fingertips, offering seamless access to digital assets, real-time analytics, and the ability to get the correct knowledge answer instantly.

  • Coming soon: Knowledge Keyboard and Voice Assistant:  This will allow your users to have mentors and the entire companies knowledge on phones, tablets and wherever they need it.  If texting a client, the core latest knowledge will be there about that customer.  When adding pricing and details for a product in a presentation, it will magically appear 100% correct and up to date. 
Unleashing accessible knowledge and editable content everywhere

Precision knowledge access controls with ring-fenced data and scalable infrastructure

Benefit from tailored user governance controls, all information is securely compartmentalized, enabling businesses to maintain stringent data security and compliance with industry regulations. Our scalable and secure infrastructure provides the agility needed for organizations to adopt AI safely, quickly and efficiently, allowing for real-time access of knowledge for any user, whether it be an employee, the CEO or an important end consumer looking how to reset his device! 

Streamlined migration service

Seamless transition with Knowz's expert migration services

  • A smooth and comforting migration: our team excels in orchestrating a seamless shift from any DAM system or database solution, backed by Learning Intelligence that not only manages but enhances your asset transfer. With strategic foresight, we customize each step of the migration process, aligning with your specific business requirements for an uninterrupted shift.

  • Recognize the unique complexities each business faces during a transition: we tailor our services to meet those needs effectively. Not a single byte goes amiss as we meticulously realign your data into Knowz’s advanced ecosystem. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your migration is in the most capable hands. 
Seamless transition with the hubs expert migration services
Security and compliance is at the core of the hub
Advanced security architecture for enterprises

Security and compliance is at the core of Knowz

  • Forge an invincible stronghold for your data with Knowz's robust security protocols, bolstered by our proactive Learning Intelligence (LI) system that is trained only on data yu define for the access levels. This combination not only secures your digital assets against evolving threats but also uses advanced algorithms to learn and adapt, enhancing protection over time and automatically applying permission of data using insights like slack or teams channels accessibility to save manual effort. 

  • Trusted by banks, government organizations and armed forces worldwide: Knowz delivers top-tier security backed by resilience and comprehensive penetration testing. Our commitment to robust security, consistent reliability, and unwavering data protection positions Knowz as the preferred security solution for organizations with high standards of operational integrity.
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