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Knowz's intuitive self service marketing portal

Streamline your operations with custom security access tailored for employees, partners, and public users on our white-labeled DAM platform. Grant them access to essential content, cutting-edge workflow tools, easy-to-use editing features, collaboration options, and more, all configured to your specifications.
Knowzs intuitive self service marketing portal
Integrated employee engagement
Authenticated employee access

Integrated employee engagement

Refine your security framework by implementing authenticated access for employees. Enhance campaigns and the content management process with automation, personalization, and real-time insights to ensure excellence and compliance. Foster effective collaboration within a white-labeled environment that maintains your brand's integrity and boosts your team's creativity.

  • Swift start: kick off with customized onboarding videos, and access to company materials, all set within a white-label environment tailored for brand consistency.
  • Content visibility: employees access an admin-curated collection of templates for consistent, safe editing.
  • Scalable solutions: from small teams to millions of users, our platform adapts to your growth.
  • Editing capabilities: our editor combines user-friendly design tools with advanced functionality.
  • AI assistants: equip teams with AI bots for smart query assistance.
  • Scalable: from small teams to millions of users, our platform adapts to your growth.
Authenticated partner access

Empowering your sales channels

Boost your partners' performance with Knowz's suite designed for sales channel success. Provide a customizable branding experience and empower them with straightforward content creation, precise advertising control, and streamlined social media management—all from our accessible design hub.

  • Simplify content creation: intuitive tools that make managing and crafting content a breeze for partners.
  • Maintained brand consistency: Knowz ensures your brand integrity is upheld in all partner content.
  • User-friendly design studio: access to design tools for partners to create custom marketing materials.
  • Social simplified: schedule and measure your social impact with ease.
Empowering your sales channels
All-inclusive organizational platform_ your key to efficiency
The Workplace

All-inclusive organizational platform: your key to efficiency

A suite of avant-garde tools designed to streamline asset management and empower your creative and marketing teams. Unleash the full potential of your content with features tailored to modern organization needs:

  • Smart DAM: elevate asset management with top-tier digital asset management technology.
  • Granular permissions: dictate precisely what users see and edit with meticulous control over access.
  • Workflow & collaboration: manage tasks, accelerate approvals, and stay updated with streamlined workflows and notification systems.
  • Brand control: maintain consistent brand standards with centralized management.
  • Robust editing suite: harness precision editing and automation for enhanced content creation.
  • Learning intelligence: equip your team with bots and integrations that offer validated company knowledge for smarter decision-making.
Public access (no authenticated)

Where your brand meets public collaboration & visibility

Discover a space where public access meets effortless sharing and collaboration, expanding your brand's reach and fostering community engagement. Dive into an open world of digital assets - accessible, shareable, and more connected than ever.

  • Strategic exposure: command your content’s public presence, choosing what to share for greater impact while in full control.
  • Visitors engagement: enable site visitors to interact with your content through controlled downloads, social sharing, and template-based customization, furthering dynamic engagement under your guidance.
  • One-click sharing: simplify content spread with instant, single-click social sharing functions.
  • SEO optimization: enhance your brand's online visibility by refining metadata and page content.
  • AI chat bot: enhance visitor interaction with immediate, smart chat responses for 24/7 engagement.
Where your brand meets public collaboration & visibility
Insights, analytics, and reporting
Data analysis

Insights, analytics, and reporting

Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with Knowz. Our robust analytical tools provide an in-depth understanding of your content performance, user engagement, and overall reach. 

  • Comprehensive analytics: track views, shares, downloads, and engagement to improve your marketing strategies. 
  • Granular reporting: get detailed reports with vital statistics and trends. Locate your content's strengths and areas for improvement with crucial data. 

Seamless integration with API access

Connect your digital asset management platform effortlessly with other systems and tools, ensuring a smooth flow of information and a unified user experience. Experience the freedom of customizing how your assets are handled, shared, and delivered across various applications and services, all through the power of API access.

  • Smooth integration: link your platforms and automate workflows with our robust API, ensuring data cohesion and operational harmony.
  • Strategic brand expansion: harness insights and unify branding across platforms to elevate visibility and user engagement.
  • Streamlined operations and compliance: accelerate marketing workflows with robust API integrations while maintaining content control for consistent compliance and brand integrity.
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