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Marketing Self-Service Portal

Transform how your team connects, collaborates, and creates with Knowz, an advanced digital asset management platform scalable from a select few to over a million users. Infuse cutting-edge generative learning and AI technology into your operations, providing each employee with secure, authenticated access to a world of resources and innovation.
Transform how your team connects, collaborates, and creates with the hub, an advanced digital asset management platform scalable from a select few to over a million users

Connect with ease: the power of Knowz's universal connectors

INTEGRATE seamlessly with over 100 native and API applications, streamlining your workflow into a cohesive process. Experience unmatched data synchronization and control within Knowz's secure Digital Asset Management environment.
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Tailored Authentication_ Secure Access at Any Scale
Secure. Simple. Scalable

Tailored authentication: secure access at any scale

Whether you're inviting a team of ten or mobilizing a million, our platform ensures a seamless, personalized entry for every employee. Single sign-on (SSO) simplifies the login process, while tailored onboarding experiences, from informative welcome videos to role-specific access, strengthen security and lay the groundwork for success from day one.

  • Scalable invitations: effortlessly onboard individuals or mass invite thousands, accommodating organizations of any size with ease. Provide personalized welcome experiences with onboarding videos or interactive bots armed with company-specific knowledge.
  • Unified login with SSO: streamline access with Single Sign-On, making complex password management a thing of the past while enhancing user experience and security.
  • Customized content accessibility: craft a secure ecosystem by defining precise roles and permissions, allowing employees to access only the specific content and assets necessary for their roles, ensuring airtight security and tailored usability.
Roles & permissions

Optimize access, empower teams

Take control of your digital assets with Knowz's advanced roles and permissions. Equip your team, from admins to members, with customized access levels perfect for managing assets and driving campaign success, all within a secure, streamlined environment.

  • Total command with granular permissions: take the helm by assigning comprehensive roles and permissions, sculpting a secure digital landscape where each action aligns with your strategic vision.
  • Channel-specific assignments: grant employees the ability to create and govern multiple channels, fostering specialization and order within your asset management strategy.
  • Content and asset precision: Designate specific content and asset permissions per channel, maintaining meticulous control over who sees what, ensuring a flawless alignment with campaign goals.
Optimize Access, Empower Teams
Experience the power of centralized control with The hubs workplace environment, a branded portal where the organization meets advanced functionality.
the Knowz workplace

Where collaboration meets innovation

Experience the power of centralized control with Knowz's workplace environment, a branded portal where the organization meets advanced functionality.

  • Templates portal: centralize and manage company templates, schedule releases, and control channel visibility, all while protecting original content.
  • Infinite folder structure: create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders, meticulously organizing every piece of content to satisfy any organizational requirement you have.
  • Asset library: assemble all your digital assets in one location, enabling easy access and consistent use across your organization.
  • Smart asset update: ensure asset uniformity across all content with automatic updates, eliminating manual editing across millions of documents.
  • Advanced editing power: arm your team with sophisticated editing tools that marry high-level functionality with user accessibility.
  • Efficient workflow: automate and streamline task management and approvals to boost productivity and project flow.
Powering team productivity

Workflow and collaboration hub: the nucleus of team efficiency

Here, tasks are orchestrated with precision; approvals are obtained swiftly, and real-time visibility ensures everyone stays in the loop. Harness the benefits of a system that brings effective task management and personalized updates into one streamlined workflow.

  • Streamlined task management: navigate task requests and approvals with ease, providing real-time transparency for all team members.
  • Live and personalized notifications: stay informed with instant notifications on task status and enjoy a tailored feed for optimal team collaboration.
  • Task creation and assignment: seamlessly create and assign tasks for design, translation, and printing, complete with detailed instructions and all necessary attachments.
Workflow and collaboration hub
Knowledge Ingestion - Transform Knowledge into Power with the hub
Smart knowledge, smarter assistance

Empowerment through Learning Intelligence and AI bots

The first DAM with Learning Intelligence. Leverage Learning Intelligence and AI Bots in Knowz to turn stored knowledge into your team's collective wisdom, readily answering questions and advancing workplace intelligence.

  • Revolutionary Learning Intelligence: tap into unparalleled organizational knowledge with a DAM that not only stores but smartly integrates your documented wisdom, becoming the heartbeat of your company's intelligence.
  • AI-powered employee onboarding: greet newcomers with AI Bots that instantly provide critical information and guidance, ensuring a smooth and informed entry into your company culture.
  • Customizable bot knowledge: infuse your AI Bots with select wisdom and deploy them across desired platforms and channels for targeted, intelligent support where it's needed most.
Complete mobile integration
Complete mobile integration

Knowz: empowering partners with on-the-go content access and engagement

Designed for dynamic professionals, Knowz ensures that your partners can connect with your content from any location, at any time. Whether on the road or between meetings, seamless access is always at their fingertips, giving them the flexibility to stay informed, engaged, and responsive on their terms.

  • No location constraints: access important materials and resources on the go, breaking free from the confines of a traditional office setting.

  • Instant updates: receive and act on real-time updates, keeping your partners aligned with the latest developments.

  • Integrated mobile experience: Enjoy a fully optimized mobile platform, maintaining productivity with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Real-time analytics empowerment

Insightful data analysis dashboard

Our Data Analysis Dashboard is a powerful tool for employees, offering real-time insights and updates for asset management. Experience a harmony of efficiency and performance optimization as you track interactions and allocate resources strategically.

  • Real-time asset updates: stay informed with live data feeds that track user interactions, optimizing your digital asset performance.

  • Strategic resource allocation: use detailed analytics to guide your decisions in allocating resources effectively, ensuring assets are utilized to their full potential.

  • Audit-ready accountability: every action is logged meticulously within the system, ensuring complete traceability and strategic governance for your organization.

real-time analytics empowerment