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Empowering sales with partner access

Welcome to our state-of-the-art Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, granting authenticated access to your sales partners. Crafted to provide your sales partners with essential access and materials. Empower them to swiftly edit, download, share, or order professional prints. Knowz is also powered by AI-guided bots, ready to assist with onboarding or any type of support you define.
Transform how your team connects, collaborates, and creates with the hub, an advanced digital asset management platform scalable from a select few to over a million users. Infuse cutting-edge
collaborative access ecosystem
Collaborative access ecosystem

Secure partner gateway

Experience the Secure Partner Gateway, offering precise, scalable, authenticated access within a white-labeled environment. Our platform supports countless partners, enabling customized experiences for content, materials, and co-branding collaborations.

  • Personalized invitations: extend exclusive, authenticated access to individual partners, setting the stage for a secure and private exchange of information.

  • Selective channel access: customize user experiences by assigning your partners to specific channels, granting visibility only to the content and materials that are relevant to their role.

  • Ultimate scalability: our system easily scales from pilot programs to global networks, supporting users from a few to millions.

  • Tailored material distribution: Control and distribute the right resources to the right partners, ensuring streamlined workflows and content alignment with each partner’s unique needs.

Tailored showcase stream

Customized content experience for partners

Our Partner Access platform revolutionizes content delivery, enabling precise control over what partners see. Organize assets into thematic collections, publish on command across channels, and notify partners about new, ready-to-use content.

  • Selective content visibility: craft a unique content viewing experience for each partner, showcasing only the assets they need.

  • Organized in collections: arrange your assets into curated collections for organized, thematic presentation and easy partner navigation.

  • Flexible publishing options: launch collections on your preferred channels at your convenience, or set them to unveil as part of a strategic schedule.

  • Targeted partner notifications: automatically alert partners to newly available content, ensuring they stay updated and ready to leverage the latest materials.

Customized Content Experience for Partners
the hub-Interaction & Editing capabilities
Seamless edit & interaction

Interaction and editing capabilities

Knowz offers partners a branded, intuitive space to explore and personalize content. They'll browse categories and easily edit templates—adding their unique touches without affecting the originals—Easily used by anyone, and no design skills are needed.

  • Branded portal: streamlined navigation within categorized content, enabling partners to easily edit, share, download, or print materials.

  • Edit with ease: partners personalize materials swiftly within your template parameters, modifying text, logos, or images, all while maintaining brand integrity.

  • Project and folder management: partners swiftly organize edits in custom folders, ensuring quick retrieval and tidy storage.

  • User-friendly editor: our intuitive editor guarantees a smooth, skill-free editing journey for all partners.

Customized bot interaction

AI-assisted partner support

Revolutionize partner support with our AI Bot Assistants, designed to elevate the partner experience through intelligent, real-time assistance. These digital helpers provide immediate answers and guidance, enhancing productivity and simplifying interactions across our platform.

  • Guided navigation: use bots to help partners find content, answer FAQs, and guide them through portal features with ease.

  • Proactive notifications: AI assistants proactively communicate new content arrivals, updates, and reminders, keeping partners aligned and informed.

Go beyond mere content access with Knowzs intelligent onboarding. Implement AI Chat Bots programmed with your specific knowledge to answer visitor (1)
Unleashing accessible knowledge and editable content everywhere-1
Complete mobile integration

Workflow and collaboration hub: the nucleus of team efficiency

Designed for dynamic professionals, Knowz ensures that your partners can connect with your content from any location, at any time. Whether on the road or between meetings, seamless access is always at their fingertips, giving them the flexibility to stay informed, engaged, and responsive on their terms.

  • No location constraints: access important materials and resources on the go, breaking free from the confines of a traditional office setting.

  • Instant updates: receive and act on real-time updates, keeping your partners aligned with the latest developments.

  • Integrated mobile experience: enjoy a fully optimized mobile platform, maintaining productivity with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.