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The ultimate solution for global marketing distribution

Next-gen UGC: elevate with user-generated evolution

Revolutionize public engagement by selectively making content available through the Knowz public workspace. Encourage visitor interaction with guided AI Chat Bot support, offer controlled content downloads, editing, shares directly in social media, and facilitate professional-grade printing. Organize your public assets into intuitive collections, inviting visitors to explore and connect with your brand's valuable resources.

The ultimate solution for global marketing distribution
Global marketing unlocked
Open access, what is it?

Global marketing unlocked

 Imagine an open space, nestled within your company's domain, where access comes without barriers, inviting engagement from a global audience. Visitors will navigate and interact with your organized content, sharing and enhancing it, turning your space into a vibrant hub for user-generated content and marketing dynamism.

  • Open access: offer a public workspace with your company's URL for easy, unrestricted access and discoverability, including via Google, while ensuring confidential materials remain private and secure.
  • Content selection: display the content you choose in organized collections, simplifying navigation and showcasing your brand.
  • Engage and create: let visitors engage, share, edit and contribute to your content, growing your brand's footprint.
  • Global reach: utilize the workspace to distribute your marketing content worldwide for enhanced impact.
Content publishing

Amplify your brand's voice

Ignite your brand's presence with strategic content publishing that engages visitors and enhances reach, complete with customizable showcases and effortless management.

  • Engagement ecosystem: invite visitors into an engaging environment where they become collaborators, enriching your community and content.
  • Customizable welcome: greet visitors with an impactful banner, easily customizable to display your message and set the tone for their experience.
  • Content control: effortlessly manage your public workspace content—determine what's showcased and where, with swift updates or changes just a click away.
Knowz Public access - Amplify Your Brands Voice
Go beyond mere content access with Knowzs intelligent onboarding. Implement AI Chat Bots programmed with your specific knowledge to answer visitor (1)
AI-powered welcomes

Inform, engage, impress

Go beyond mere content access with Knowz's intelligent onboarding. Implement AI Chat Bots programmed with your specific knowledge to answer visitor inquiries on demand. Whether it's class schedules for educational organizations or user guidelines about your company process, offer vital information in a custom-branded, White-label environment that resonates with your organizational identity.

  • AI-driven interactions: set up AI Chat Bots to provide personalized responses, enhancing visitor onboarding and making every interaction informative and memorable.
SEO optimization

Optimize visibility: harness the power of SEO

Bring targeted visibility to your brand with the Knowz's Public Workspace that enhances your SEO efforts and ensures your workspaces and pages rank on Google.

  • Searchable workspaces and pages on Google.
  • Unique URLs for each category and folder.
  • Advanced SEO settings for editing metadata, H1, and content on pages. 
the hub User generated content_ Optimize Visbility - Harness the Power of SEO
Knowzs AI localization_ connecting globally, engaging locally

Global language gateway

Bridge the communication divide with Knowz's multi-language support, embracing inclusivity and accessibility for every audience. Our platform is a melting pot of cultures, connecting you to a worldwide audience by speaking their language—literally. Here, linguistic barriers are dismantled, allowing your content to resonate universally.

  • Worldwide reach: expand your brand’s horizons by connecting with users in their native tongues.
  • Inclusive engagement: foster a welcoming environment where all voices are heard and valued.
  • Localized content: tailor your message to fit cultural nuances, ensuring relevancy and resonance across borders.

Embrace the world; speak its languages. Knowz is where your brand becomes a global citizen.

What can it do for you?

Partner-Powered Visibility

Propel your content into the spotlight with Knowz's collaboration opportunities. Partner with voices that resonate and amplify your message, turning every shared moment into a cascade of brand awareness. It's not just about reaching more eyes; it's about connecting with the right ones.

  • Live-event leveraging: capture attention with instant content shares that make live events unforgettable.  Invite visitors to share your content in real-time with just a few clicks.
  • Influencer empowerment: arm influencers with bespoke content, transforming them into powerhouse brand advocates.
  • Exclusive promotions: delight visitors with immediate access to special offers, enhancing retention and satisfaction.
  • Plus, the freedom to disseminate anything else your brand wants to share!

Collaborate, amplify, and watch your brand's influence soar.

Partner-Powered Visibility