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Why global brands choose Knowz over Oracle OCM

Knowz redefines Digital Asset Management, merging a sophisticated single-source-of-truth platform with Generative AI and Learning Intelligence for unmatched brand uniformity and compliance. Eliminate siloed assets and streamline workflows, as Knowz ensures persistent brand consistency and deep customer engagement across all channels.

All-in-One DAM, Editing, Workflow, & Translation for Global Brand Governance. (1)

Knowz: an Oracle OCM evolution

  • Seamless transition from OCM
  • Production cost reduction
  • Reinforced brand integrity
  • Ease of scaling
Create from scratch

Seamless migration assurance with Knowz

  • Leading Oracle partner: Knowz excels in OCM integration, providing an unparalleled experience for a smooth transition, and our API's unmatched flexibility ensures a precise fit that meets your unique operational needs.
  • Continuous improvement and support: we actively refine the OCM migration process and optimize Knowz features based on valuable customer feedback. Our hands-on support ensures a smooth cutover with minimal disruptions.
  • Secured global infrastructure: trust Knowz's global infrastructure for guaranteed asset protection and controlled access. Find peace of mind and heightened security with our risk-free migration guarantee from OCM to Knowz



Streamlined production, substantial savings

  • Effortless creative workflow: converts PDF, InDesign, and Figma files into versatile templates for digital and print use, enabling your team to focus on content delivery and revenue generation through smart automation.
  • Efficient smart automation: automates monotonous production tasks, freeing up valuable staff time and enhancing overall efficiency by streamlining routine processes for a more productive workflow.
  • Centralized advanced reporting: provides advanced reporting capabilities for critical metrics, and establishes Knowz as the single source of truth for all digital assets, facilitating comprehensive tracking and informed decision-making.
Importing PDF & End-user edits


Streamlined control, comprehensive oversight

  • Secure brand usage: leverage innovative workflows and benefit from granular permission controls and patent-pending technology with Knowz.
  • Empowerment across teams: enable your team, partners, and clients to utilize marketing materials. Safeguard against compliance risks during brand usage.

  • Visual standards and messaging enforcement: uphold consistent visual standards for brand representation and enforce messaging policies to maintain brand integrity.

  • Prevention of unauthorized activities: prevent unauthorized discounts, outdated promotions, or inappropriate content.

  • Efficient updates and governance: instantly synchronize updates across all assets and optimize brand management and governance seamlessly.



Your keystone for global marketing scale-up

  • Automated translation engine: our advanced engine facilitates seamless global marketing scaling, ensuring instant localization without compromising your brand's voice.

  • Team collaboration: synchronizing efforts for maximum productivity in global content distribution and a cohesive marketing approach.

  • Public access portal: facilitating easy access and content sharing for efficient outreach to diverse audiences with our user-friendly portal.

  • Global printing network: effortlessly delivering high-quality prints to your doorstep and enhancing your brand's visibility with professional materials.

  • Cohesive and scalable strategy: Elevating your marketing strategy with Knowz's integrated features and scalable approach for your brand to thrive in diverse markets.


Compare Knowz vs Oracle OCM

See below for a feature-by-feature comparison


Oracle OCM

Brand Asset Management
Digital Asset Management
Advanced DAM
Basic DAM
Template Restriction tools
Most advanced on the market
Mobile App, built for templating
Full app capability
Automated Translations
Instant Translation
Smart Assets for Brand Compliance
Global Instant Update
Template Creation Builder
Advanced tools
cross icon
Design Import capabilities
InDesign, Figma & PDF
cross icon
Design Automation tools
Auto-populate multiple designs
cross icon
Built on SVG
Scale without quality-loss
cross icon
Public Access Portal
Employee, partner and guest access
cross icon
Guided Campaign Management
Advanced system
cross icon

To the best of our knowledge, all competitor information compiled on this page is correct as of January 2023

Discover the superiority of Knowz’s AI-driven DAM: the ultimate single source of truth for your entire brand portfolio

Smarter DAM ecosystems with single source of truth and Learning Intelligence

  • Automated compliance and governance: Achieve peace of mind with robust access controls, audit trails, and comprehensive security measures. Knowz's AI-powered governance proactively mitigates compliance risks, safeguarding your brand from unauthorized modifications.
  • Efficient workflow and approval: Knowz tailors content management to your team's behaviors and consolidates approvals to prevent delays. Assign roles, track timelines, and monitor progress on one platform, leveraging data-driven insights to boost content quality and save time.
  • Smarter bots, deeper connections: Knowz's AI bots connect instantly with your audience, reflecting every detail of your brand's identity. This method enables teams for deeper engagement, bridging from strategic planning to real-time audience interaction.
- smart DAM - use thehub smart DAM - powered wit learning intelligence
Unify, innovate, and excel with Knowzs all-in-one editing suite

Comprehensive editing suite

  • Dynamic content editing suite: Knowz's integrated editors for Adobe InDesign, PDF, Figma, video, HTML, animation, and documents centralize and enhance media production, melding a diverse range of creative tools into one seamless experience. Improve cost-effectiveness and functionality while supporting remote and agile workflows.
  • Govern your content creation: Knowz keeps your digital assets organized, accessible, and perfectly aligned with your brand guidelines. Robust asset management tools ensure everything is readily available, systematically structured, and adheres to the highest quality standards. 
  • Precision at all stages: Integrated error checks and compliance protocols catch issues early, preventing last-minute scrambles and ensuring only flawless content reaches the final stage. 

Localization and channel publishing

  • Streamlined globalization with AI: Knowz boosts global engagement, intelligently localizing content beyond basic translation for targeted impact. Seamlessly synchronize and culturally adapt your material, maintaining contextual accuracy and resonating with worldwide audiences through effortless integration.
  • Optimize multi-platform presence: leverage Knowz's powerful Channel Publishing tools to schedule, customize, and seamlessly push content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Ensure a consistent and vivid message at every touchpoint across digital platforms. Command the digital sphere with precision publishing, amplifying your reach while preserving your brand's essence.
  • Real-time feeds and audit trail: leverage Knowz for instant user interaction insights, enhancing resource allocation and system efficiency. Benefit from our digital asset platform's precise logging for total transparency and seamless traceability. Stay audit-ready with our methodical recording, bolstering governance and compliance strategies.
Knowzs AI localization_ connecting globally, engaging locally
Unleashing accessible knowledge and editable content everywhere

Mobile integration and security structure

  • Security and accessibility reinforced by Learning Intelligence (LI): safeguard data with Knowz's robust security, featuring continuous penetration testing and the adaptive LI system for ongoing protection against evolving threats. Prioritize inclusivity with a VPAT-compliant platform that ensures accessibility, while the LI system continually evolves platform usability to meet diverse user needs.
  • Comprehensive apps for universal access: effortlessly access tools, assets, and vital data on iOS and Android, bringing Knowz's full power to your fingertips for seamless digital asset access, real-time analytics, and instant strategy execution.
  • LI keyboard and voice assistant: swift typing with an intelligent keyboard and hands-free support from the voice assistant enhance mobile usability, ensuring quick exchanges in line with your enterprise's dynamic demands.

Need further convincing?

Just a few more features that set us apart from Oracle OCM:

30 million users
1 billion projects
1 trillion assets
  • Comprehensive editing suite: animation, social media marketing, video, HTML, document, freehand drawing, print and image editor
  • Sophisticated Digital Asset Management (DAM) system
  • White-label self-service solution
  • Smart assets with learning intelligence and seamless global updates
  • Secure access protocols with API encryption and data security
  • Automation for marketing collateral, branded email components, and more
  • Advanced import capability: Adobe InDesign, Figma, and PDF
  • Eco-friendly printing solutions with zero emissions
  • Robust permission system with detailed access management
  • Universal mobile accessibility for all user types
  • Adaptive Learning Intelligence with integrated bots, mobile applications, APIs, custom keyboards, and voice assistant compatibility
  • Real-time collaborative team feed with live updates
  • Audit trails for partners, guests, and employees
  • Tailored workflows and approval processes for streamlined operations
  • Instant background removal tools for bulk image editing
  • Dynamic content streaming options for franchises and distributed enterprises
  • Next-generation localization and translation technologies
  • Comprehensive analytics suite with detailed user engagement data
  • Smart auto-resize function for multi-platform compatibility
  • Global public access options
  • Generative AI features enable streamlined operations by automating a wide range of creative and analytical tasks
  • Deep linking capabilities for enhanced content discovery and sharing
  • Professional design and printing services
  • Over 100 universal connectors for easy integration
  • Cutting-edge AI writing and image generation tools
  • Centralized corporate marketing hub to align strategies
  • Dynamic user-generated content capabilities for enhanced brand engagement
  • Simplified branded template setup and import process
  • Rigorous brand governance controls to maintain consistency and compliance
  • Effortless migration and translation services

Why our customers choose Knowz


“Our real estate agents are now empowered with consistent branding. They are empowered to do things themselves. They are empowered to save money because they don’t have to outsource marketing materials anymore.”


“We needed a platform to optimize our marketing materials and be able to use a standardized brand identity in all of our agencies. We were looking for something easy to use, but something that we could use with the local printers."


“Our company didn’t have any social media going at all for physicians and now they can create their posts. With Knowz, we can trust that they’re not creating something off-brand. Anyone can use it without any previous editing experience.”

What to consider before choosing a brand management platform

Who is able to create and manage brand assets? Is anyone in your firm able to create powerful brand content? Are design-teams given the tools and freedom to produce and distribute on-brand assets?  the hub offers the best of both worlds. With an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, anyone (with the granted permissions!) can create or adapt marketing materials. Meanwhile, expert design teams can continue to use the tools they know and love to create assets, while never having to deal with the minor changes that take their attention away from the creative zone.
How easy is it to stay compliant and on brand? Will you need to refresh your marketing call-outs in the future? Will you undergo a rebranding at some point? It's hard to predict how your brand identity will change in the future, but some change (in some shape or form) is inevitable. With the hub's smart assets you can easily replace out-of-date images, elements, and text blocks, across all of your templates in a few clicks. This means no more worrying about legal complexities, or branding inconsistencies.
Can you enable your teams to go to market quickly while maintaining brand guidelines? How can you produce marketing content at speed, while also ensuring brand consistency? Is it possible to have one without sacrificing the other? Through the hub's granular template restrictions, alongside smart design automation tools, you can have the best of both worlds. Empower your teams to become guided designers with easy-to-adapt templates, and remove design bottlenecks. Design automation tools allow teams to go to market even faster, by creating on-brand content at scale.
How easy is it to distribute your brand assets? How can you ensure everyone has access to the assets they need? How can you educate your teams about what content can be used, and when? With the hub's digital asset management (DAM) solution, you can create brand kits, and upload company assets into a centralized hub. Create multiple workspaces so different teams or sub-brands can access only the files they need. Create collections of templated marketing materials for specific events, promotions, or seasonal holidays, schedule them to be live for specified periods, and notify teams of how they should be used.

Still considering Oracle OCM? Ensure brand consistency with Knowz