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Knowz's AI localization: connecting globally, engaging locally

Speed up the localization of your marketing campaigns and witness your brand's global dominance unfold. Knowz's Generative AI goes beyond mere translation to ensure your marketing assets resonate with cultural depth and relevance, propelling your content from traditional timelines to innovative immediacy. 

Knowzs AI localization_ connecting globally, engaging locally

Knowz's marketing localization engine helps organizations extend on-brand content creation and publishing beyond their central teams

Content localization made for global brands

Content localization made for global brands

  • By leveraging Knowz's Generative AI, your teams can transform generic content into culturally resonant messages that speak directly to local audiences. Imagine launching a campaign that intuitively adapts to European or Asian, cultural nuances, boosting engagement and brand relevance.
  • Integrate Knowz's dynamic localization throughout your content creation process, ensuring every slogan, tagline, and call-to-action is perfectly pitched, no matter the language or locale.
  • With Knowz, translation that took six weeks now takes six days, propelling your market strategy from a trot to a gallop. This speed gives your brand a competitive edge, allowing rapid response to global trends.

DAM innovation meets global precision

  • Imagine a digital repository where assets for the French or Japanese market are tagged, updated, and ready for deployment. Knowz makes this easy, ensuring a smooth transition as assets are localized and repurposed.
  • As your team releases content worldwide, Knowz tracks performance, providing insights on engagement. These metrics guide future localization, enhancing your campaigns' targeting and effectiveness internationally.
  • Knowz's Global Asset Update lets you instantly revise assets across channels. Update a product disclaimer overnight and find it applied worldwide by morning, ensuring brand integrity and compliance.
DAM innovation meets global precision
Streamlined worksflows

Streamlined workflows for efficient localization processes

  • Automate translation and approval with Knowz, reducing back-and-forth, error checking, and aligning teams to minimize delays. Legal documents, marketing materials, and user manuals are translated accurately and swiftly.
  • Use Knowz's automated compliance checks throughout the content lifecycle. This streamlines approvals, ensuring content meets standards and regulations swiftly, and providing compliance confidence in new markets.
  • Knowz enables real-time collaboration and AI-driven adjustments during localization. Marketing, legal, and compliance teams seamlessly adapt content to market nuances.

Ready to go global with confidence?

  • Unparalleled speed and efficiency: cross the international expansion bridge with confidence, knowing your localized content will be timely, culturally relevant, and impactful. Don't let slow translations halt your growth.
  • Strategic integration and control: empower your global teams with the tools they need to succeed. From asset management to real-time publishing, Knowz unifies your approach to make global branding seamless.

  • Customized solutions for your enterprise: your organization is unique, and so are your global needs. Let us show you how Knowz can be tailored to meet the demands of your enterprise

Ready to go global with confidence_