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Where Knowz Meets Your Assets

Import assets from any platform with unparalleled ease into Knowz's intelligent storage system, where organization meets innovation. Engage with your content in a dynamic ecosystem that bolsters learning. An AI Assistant propels smart asset management while enabling the seamless creation and distribution of brand templates to come to life.

All-in-One DAM, Editing, Workflow, & Translation for Global Brand Governance.

Import, Create & Conquer with Knowz

Seamlessly import every document and graphic asset, from essential files to brand-defining visuals and other apps; then utilize them to craft and distribute impeccable marketing materials, enjoy exceptional storage organization, and enhance company knowledge with an intuitive AI assistant.
Company Knowledge

Empower Your Team with AI-Enhanced Company Knowledge

Transform how your organization learns and communicates with Knowz's AI assistant, making company knowledge accessible and tailored to the individual needs of your team members.

  • Personalized Insights: equip your team with smart, AI-curated content that adapts to their roles and projects.
  • Seamless Integration: bring an AI assistant into your workflow to answer questions and provide information on the fly.
  • Cognitive Growth: as your team interacts with Knowz, the system continuously learns and improves, refining the knowledge delivery process.
A DAM platform with generative intelligence you teach
Team Feed meets Channel Publishing_ a synchronized content strategy
Template Mastery

Streamline Your Branding with Customizable Templates

Import your assets and unleash the power of Knowz’s templating capabilities to create, manage, and distribute your custom designs, ensuring brand consistency across all channels and touchpoints.

  • Design Continuity: easily craft and modify templates that align with your brand's visual identity.
  • Efficient Distribution: share templates across departments and regions, streamlining creative processes.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: ensure that your templates work flawlessly on a multitude of platforms and devices.

Navigate a World of Documents with Ease and Precision

Step into Knowz's Document Storage Portal, where limitless organization meets intuitive design. Embrace a world where assets are not just stored, but smartly managed and effortlessly accessed.

  • Effortless Navigation & Structuring: delve into unlimited folder structures with Knowz's clean and easy. Explore unlimited folders with a sleek UI, complemented by smart, AI-enabled tagging.
  • Swift Search: quickly find documents with AI-augmented search and intuitive tagging.
  • Metadata Automation: benefit from auto-assigned metadata for effortless document classification and retrieval.
Navigate a World of Documents with Ease and Precision (1)

Unleash Next-Gen DAM with Knowz's Universal Import

Import documents and creative powerhouses like logos and images into Knowz, and transform them into marketing masterpieces, all while ensuring peak organization and AI-enriched company knowledge at your fingertips
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Universal Docs

Effortlessly Transition to Smarter Document Management

Discover document migration redefined with Knowz, where every file format, from cluttered Google Docs to detailed PDFs, is effortlessly absorbed into your digital ecosystem, respecting the integrity of your established folder structures.

  • Ace migrations from diverse document platforms.
  • Keep the familiarity of your current folder blueprint.
  • Benefit from a migration with negligible downtime and total document fidelity.
Documents - Effortlessly Transition to Smarter Document Management
Design - Importing Design Assets with Unprecedented Ease

Importing Design Assets with Unprecedented Ease

Creative assets are the lifeblood of your brand. Import them from Figma, Adobe, and more into Knowz, where your designs reflect your vision, stay interconnected, and add vibrancy to your marketing strategy without missing a beat.

  • Merge creative assets hassle-free.
  • Retain connections between graphics and elements.
  • Enable your creative team to collaborate and thrive in Knowz.

Centralize Your Communications, Elevate Collaboration

Bring together Slack, Microsoft Teams, and all your communication channels in Knowz. Experience seamless integration that not only preserves but enhances the flow of information, fostering a culture of informed teamwork.
  • Integrate all communication channels in Knowz quickly.
  • Never lose context with centralized message history.
  • Foster company-wide collaboration through accessible communication.
communication connectors for the hub
Revolutionize decision-making_ the hubs smart workflow system

Migrate your Diverse Files Under One Digital Roof

Your organization’s multi-faceted files, from the precision of Engineering's GitHub repositories to the pulsing heartbeat of Sales & Marketing's Brightspot assets, all find a unified home in Knowz, connecting the dots with uncompromising efficiency.

  • Engineering: link Knowz with GitHub, Datadog, Bitbucket, and more to streamline your development workflows.
  • Calendar coordination: sync your scheduling from Google Calendar to Outlook, centralizing your time management.
  • Marketing Mastery: integrate platforms like Bynder, Adobe Experience Manager, and Affinity, ensuring brand consistency across campaigns.
  • Project Prowess: connect your project management stack, from Asana to Trello, and catalyze team productivity.
  • Holistic Harmony: extend Knowz's organizing power to Support, HR, and beyond, embracing a holistic approach to every corner of your company.

Scale with Confidence, Manage with Precision

Growth should be exhilarating, not exhausting. Welcome to scalable asset management with Knowz's robust architecture and elastic cloud storage, ready to expand with your ever-growing collection of digital treasures.

  • Unmatched Capacity: Navigate your expanding asset universe with a platform built to handle vast volumes of digital content with ease.
  • Adaptive Storage: Leverage elastic cloud solutions that grow dynamically with your asset needs, ensuring you're ready for what's next.
  • Versatile Growth: Whether you're a team of 20 or a sprawling organization, Knowz's agile infrastructure is tailored to support and streamline your asset management journey at every stage.
Introducing the worlds fastest localization solution – only with the hub
Seamless transition with the hubs expert migration services
Onboarding & Setup

Tailored Onboarding for a Seamless Integration Experience

Begin your journey with Knowz with a setup experience as unique as your brand. Our dedicated team ensures synergy between your regional libraries and campaigns, embedding best practices into every corner of your organization's account.

  • Collaborate closely with expert Account Managers.
  • Seamless setup of asset libraries aligned with your campaigns.
  • Receive guidance for customizable user and library administration.

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