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Turn Figma files into editable templates. Distribute with tailored access controls

Welcome to a transformative design experience: with Knowz's Figma plugin, the transfer and adaptation of figma files are seamless, setting the stage for immediate template edits and comprehensive access regulation. Elevate your team's design capabilities with this cutting-edge tool now.

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A Smooth Workflow From Import To Distribution

Attain design superiority with ease using Knowz's Figma plugin—where importing, crafting, and managing templates merge into a single, smooth workflow. Revolutionize your company's brand asset management and production of premium materials.
Cut Costs, Not Creativity

Save on Figma licenses and content generation processes

In today's fast-paced market, balancing cost-efficiency with high-quality outputs is crucial. Knowz’s Figma Plugin considerably cuts down the expenses associated with premium software licenses and enables widespread design accessibility throughout your company.

  • Lessen reliance on expensive Figma licenses while maintaining design excellence.
  • Simplify your design workflow, reducing the necessity for specialized training or the hiring of extra staff.
  • Boost productivity, empowering your teams to concentrate on creating compelling content rather than dealing with intricate software.
Save on Figma licenses and content generation processes
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Effortless Figma File Conversion

Effortless Figma to Template Transformation

Converting your Figma designs into customizable templates is a swift and straightforward process with Knowz. In just a few minutes, import your Figma files directly into Knowz as templates ready for use. 

  • Swiftly import Figma files into Knowz and convert them into templates within minutes.
  • Selectively save converted templates into designated collections for optimal organization.
  • Retain full editability with optional restrictions on elements for controlled user customization.
Brand Templates Portal

Distribute through Knowz's Brand Template Portal

Strengthen your organization with Knowz's Brand Template Portal—a consolidated platform where all your documents and designs are effortlessly organized and accessible for your entire organization.

  • Organize with Ease: curate your editable content into collections within the Brand Template Portal, establishing a structure accessible to your channels.
  • Versatile Template Use: transform any document, from company invoices to vibrant social media posts, into editable templates for company needs.
  • Draft & Publish Workflow: Designers or admins manage drafts, refining templates before publishing them as a meticulously crafted collection.
  • Selective Visibility: control who sees what by showing collections exclusively to certain team member groups and channels. 
  • Schedule Access: Make collections public for set periods, aligning access with marketing campaigns, seasonal events, or initiatives
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Asset distribution in your teams, template restrictions for Brand Consistecy

Integrate Figma Files into an Efficient Task Management Process

Deploy unparalleled security protocols for your digital assets with Knowz's precisely calibrated access management. Provide your team with the appropriate tools and access rights to nurture creativity while ensuring asset security.

  • Assign roles to each team member that fit their specific job tasks, whether they're creating content or have the ability to download and share files. Add in task management and approval steps to keep your workflow organized and efficient.
  • Protected Teamwork: Distribute your assets with assurance using a fortified system, while keeping detailed control over every aspect.
  • Automated Asset Integration: Simplify your content creation with tools that automatically embed your assets—whether designs or documents—into your projects, saving time and enhancing consistency.

Unlock the Power Of Efficient Collaboration with Knowz

Streamline your enterprise asset management with Knowz—where efficiency meets collaboration, bringing you robust DAM Workflow Automation and Digital Asset Collaboration Tools essential for today's and tomorrow's thriving enterprises.