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InDesign Import: Create And Distribute Editable Templates With Permission Control

Embrace a new era of design fluency: with Knowz's InDesign plugin, migrating files becomes a breeze, paving the way for instant template customization and precise permissions management. Power up your organization with a new design potential today.

Indesign Import

A Smooth Workflow From Import To Distribution

Achieve design excellence effortlessly with Knowz's InDesign plugin—where importing, creating, and distributing become a unified, fluid process. Transform the way your enterprise manages brand assets and delivers top-tier materials.
Cut Costs, Not Creativity

Unlock Cost-Efficiency InDesign & Content Creation

In today’s competitive landscape, streamlining expenses without sacrificing quality is paramount. Knowz’s InDesign Plugin significantly reduces the need for expensive software licenses and democratizes design across your organization.

  • Reduce dependency on costly InDesign licenses without compromising design integrity.
  • Streamline your design process, diminishing the need for specialized training or additional staffing.
  • Enhance productivity, allowing your teams to focus on generating impactful content rather than navigating complex software.
Unlock Cost-Efficiency in Design & Content Creation
Indesign to Editor_ Smart Import & Adaptation (1)
Effortless InDesign File Conversion

InDesign To Editor: Smart Import & Adaptation

Experience the unparalleled strength of our plugin as it meticulously imports and recognizes InDesign content, preserving the integrity and style of your original documents.

  • Auto-generate TOCs with InDesign's style and ensure formatting consistency with integrated paragraph styles.
  • Maintain list continuity and achieve masterful page layout control for numbers, sections, and variable text.
  • Text Flow Control: links text boxes for smooth overflow across pages; allows rearrangement and link adjustments.
  • Tables Managed: recognizes and allows admins to set table editing restrictions for precise content control.
Brand Templates Portal

Distribute Through Knowz's Brand Template Portal

Empower your enterprise with Knowz's Brand Template Portal—a centralized hub where all your documents and designs are easily navigable and readily available for your entire organization.

  • Organize with Ease: curate your editable content into collections within the Brand Template Portal, establishing a structure accessible to your channels.
  • Versatile Template Use: transform any document, from company invoices to vibrant social media posts, into editable templates for company needs.
  • Draft & Publish Workflow: Designers or admins manage drafts, refining templates before publishing them as a meticulously crafted collection.
  • Selective Visibility: control who sees what by showing collections exclusively to certain team member groups and channels. 
  • Schedule Access: Make collections public for set periods, aligning access with marketing campaigns, seasonal events, or initiatives
Distribute through thehubs Brand Template Portal
Asset distribution in your teams, template restrictions for Brand Consistecy

Incorporate InDesign Files Into A Streamlined Task Management Workflow

Implement unmatched security measures across your digital assets with Knowz's finely-tuned access control. Equip your team with the right tools and permissions to foster creativity while assuring asset protection.

  • Custom Access Tiers: From full administrative control to basic template usage, govern your digital environment at every level.
  • Flexible User Roles: Assign diverse roles suiting each team member, from content creators to members with download and sharing capabilities.
  • Secure Collaboration: Share your assets confidently within a secured framework, maintaining granular oversight.

Unlock the Power Of Efficient Collaboration with Knowz

Streamline your enterprise asset management with Knowz—where efficiency meets collaboration, bringing you robust DAM Workflow Automation and Digital Asset Collaboration Tools essential for today's and tomorrow's thriving enterprises.