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A DAM platform with generative intelligence you teach

Harness the collective wisdom of your company with Knowz cutting-edge DAM technology and powerful generative intelligence. Get the information you need, precisely when and how you need it.

A DAM platform with generative intelligence you teach

Knowz: powering tomorrow's knowledge ecosystem

Unlock company-wide intelligence: fill Knowz with your documents and watch them become the cornerstone of your organization's knowledge.

Where DAM unites with generative intelligence
What is learning intelligence?

Where DAM unites with generative intelligence

Step into the future with Knowz, designed exclusively for large organizations seeking a single source of truth. Our platform not only learns from your company's information but also integrates it with advanced DAM tools.

  • Centralize your company's collective knowledge, readily accessible in Knowz, no matter your work location.
  • AI-driven by your firm's trusted knowledge delivers precise answers, tailored to your team's needs.
  • Streamlined workflows: simplify project management with intuitive workflow automation and task coordination.
  • Advanced document editing: utilize robust editing tools for powerful and efficient document updates.
  • Auto-update assets: effortlessly synchronize and update assets across all marketing materials in real-time. 
DAM + AI workplace search

Discover the heartbeat of your company

Discover the synergy of DAM and Generative Intelligence: streamline your assets while unlocking deep, contextual insights tailored to your enterprise language.

  • Our Learning Intelligence dynamically absorbs information from your documents, enriching the knowledge base with authentic, company-specific insights.
  • Our secure DAM framework assures meticulous access control, robustly shielding your digital assets while enabling a collaborative, data-secure workspace for all.
  • Employees enjoy streamlined support with direct access to corporate intelligence and asset repositories and also experience powerful document editing with easy-to-use tools, all integrated within Knowz's comprehensive content management system.
All-in-One DAM, Editing, Workflow, & Translation for Global Brand Governance. (1)
Intelligent creativity and unified editing
AI + asset management & editing

Intelligent creativity & unified editing

 Our platform revolutionizes how your organization creates and manages content by merging a flexible editing suite with the power of AI and Learning Intelligence.

  • Smart Asset Integration: integrate your team's processes with asset management to keep your digital library organized and accessible. Update all content automatically to facilitate easy distribution and use.
  • Template Portal: an impeccably organized portal providing immediate access to all company-editable templates, streamlining your content development process.
  • Powerful and Scalable Editing Tools: with an intuitive editor designed for creating diverse content types—from images and videos to animations—elevate your content creation effortlessly.
  • AI-Enhanced Knowledge & Content Creation: the use of intelligent facilitators provides customized insights for employees who have questions, and they also speed up content creation through suggestions for creating documents, presentations, and text cross-designs.
Bots & workflow

AI assistants: your operational game changer

AI Assistants are engineered to streamline daily tasks into efficient workflows, enhancing productivity. Customize bots with tailored knowledge, set their tone of voice, and select the user interface—such as chatbots or keyboard input. Seamlessly integrate them anywhere within the platform for a personalized experience.

  • Tailored AI Collaboration: bespoke AI assistants for engineering, support, marketing, sales, and beyond, orchestrating each department's workflow with precision.
  • Real-Time Data Flows: harness the latest company-wide data to feed into your workflows, ensuring decisions are informed by up-to-date intelligence.
  • Task Creation Workflow: transform AI recommendations or queries into streamlined tasks to enhance productivity, with direct assignment functions that sustain continuous momentum. Create tasks for design, translation, templates, and more. 
AI assistants_ your operational game changer (1)
A list of all the connector and integrations for the hub-1

Unified enterprise search with Knowz's advanced APIs

Extend the reach of your enterprise search with Knowz's powerful APIs, designed to integrate seamlessly across your application ecosystem. Tap into a centralized knowledge portal that interlinks with over 100 applications, giving you instant access to a comprehensive suite of tools, all in one unified platform. 

  • Comprehensive Data Sync: connectors import content, metadata, identities, and more for a tailored and secure search.
  • Instant Setup: ready to use without developer help or external services.
  • Custom Configuration: easily adjustable settings to match your specific enterprise setup and preferences.

Leveraging data with Learning Intelligence

Empower your strategies with data-driven Learning Intelligence at Knowz. Our platform facilitates deep understanding and maximum usability of your content, driving informed decisions and enhanced learning outcomes.

  • Advanced data analytics: understand which assets and materials drive the most engagement and why.
  • Performance reports: generate in-depth reports evaluating the efficacy of your learning resources, courseware, and overall learning engagement.
  • User Metrics: obtain a holistic view of your workspace users. Keep track of the total user count, new sign-ups, the specific assets each user interacts with, and more. Utilize these metrics to optimize your learning strategies and boost user engagement.
Master your data with real-time feeds and complete audit trails
Fortified foundations_ Knowzs security-first approach

Fortified foundations: Knowz's security-first approach

At the core of Knowz lies a commitment to impenetrable security—engineered with the expertise of seasoned professionals who prioritize your data's safety. By embracing contemporary security paradigms, Knowz delivers peace of mind in the digital age. 

  • Indexing Controls: manage and refine what gets indexed with comprehensive governance.
  • Authenticated Search: secure search access with robust user authentication to maintain data integrity.
  • Data Encryption: commitment to full data encryption, protecting your information both at rest and in transit.

Accelerate your creative and digital potential with Knowz

From start-ups to global giants, Knowz scales with you, delivering a powerful suite of digital asset management tools and advanced creative solutions designed for any enterprise's evolving needs.

30 million users
1 trillion assets
1 billion projects
  • Digital asset management system
    • Images (JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PSD, AI, EPS, RAW, and more)
    • Videos (MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MPEG, and more)
    • Documents (PDF, DOC/DOCX, PPT/PPTX, XLS/XLSX, TXT, and more)
    • Audio files (MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, MIDI and more)
    • Design files (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma files, and more)
    • 3D models and CAD files (STL, OBJ, AutoCAD files, and more)
    • Source code files (HTML, CSS, JS, Python, C++, and more)
    • Smart text (rich text formatting, dynamic fields, hyperlinked text, and more)
    • Brand assets (logos, color palettes, fonts, text styles, slogans, taglines, illustrations, elements, and more)
  • Self-service portal
  • White-label service
  • Instant global asset update
    • Comprehensive editing suite
      • Animation editor
      • Social media marketing editor
      • Video editor
      • HTML editor
      • Document editor
      • Freehand drawing editor
      • Print editor
      • Image editor
    • Adaptive Learning Intelligence
      • Integrated bots
      • Mobile integration
      • API connectivity
      • Custom keyboards
      • Voice assistant
    • Secure access protocols
    • Automation for bulk creation
    • Advanced import capability
    • Zero-emissions global printing
    • Robust access and permission system
    • Universal mobile apps
  • Workflows and approval processes
  • Instant background removal tools
  • Dynamic content streaming options
  • Global localization and auto-translation
  • Comprehensive analytics suite
  • Smart auto resize capability
  • Global public access options
  • Generative AI features
  • Deep linking capabilities
  • Design and printing services
  • Migration and translation services
  • 100+ universal connectors
  • AI writing assistant
  • AI image generation
  • Centralized corporate marketing hub
  • User-generated content capabilities
  • Simplified branded templates
  • Brand governance controls
  • Real-time team collaboration
  • Team feeds with live updates
  • Audit trails

AI-powered scalability: streamlining DAM growth

Our platform blends advanced AI with enterprise needs, offering a scalable digital asset management (DAM) system that understands and evolves with your company's dynamics. Harness a knowledge graph that aligns with your organization's structure, content, and user interactions while respecting established data permissions. Knowz propels your DAM capabilities into a future where growth and intelligent management move in unison.

Deploy our Learned Intelligence for revolutionary knowledge powers

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