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From concept to completion: Figma editing within Knowz

Effortlessly convert Figma designs into accessible formats for all team members. Designers work in their preferred space, while non-designers can easily tailor content, merging the best of creative freedom with collaborative flexibility. Knowz ensures brand consistency and enhances productivity, embodying a cohesive ecosystem for innovation and design at your organization.

Figma editing with the hub
Figma editor with intuitive interface

Intuitive interface, infinite possibilities

  • Experience an intuitive Figma editor designed to align with your creative process, enabling designers to navigate and manipulate elements with ease, resulting in a seamless design journey from wireframe to high-fidelity prototype.
  • Access a wealth of resources from Knowz's DAM system directly within the Figma editor, including icons, images, and brand elements, ensuring a consistent and efficient design workflow.
  • With the collaboration between Figma and Knowz, leverage your assets to maintain brand identity while exploring creative directions, increasing both the speed and quality of your deliverables.

Immediate asset updating across platforms

  • Knowz integrates Figma prototypes into shared workspaces, providing clear visibility and understanding for cross-functional teams as projects advance from design to development.
  • Implement Knowz's Global Asset Update functionality within Figma to automatically refresh shared design components across all projects, keeping your entire digital presence up-to-date and consistent.
  • Enhance the way your design team manages UI libraries by allowing for real-time updates, assuring that when one component is altered, the change is reflected universally, preserving the integrity of the design system.
Immediate asset updating across platforms
Advanced workflow integration

Advanced workflow integration: from design to deployment with ease

  • With the Figma editor in Knowz, easily transition from design to production, thanks to integrated workflows that track progress and facilitate efficient movement through each project phase.
  • Embed Figma assets into Knowz's advanced approval processes, ensuring designs are thoroughly reviewed and meet organizational standards before they go to market.
  • Imagine a tool that not only fuels your creativity but also revolutionizes your design workflow. Knowz’s integrated Figma editor is that tool—a conduit for novel design thinking and an engine for unparalleled collaboration.

Creative automation: Generative Design at your command

  • Harness Knowz's generative AI capabilities within the Figma editor to automate repetitive design tasks, allowing the creative team to focus their talents on innovation and complex problem-solving.
  • Utilize data-driven design insights from Knowz to inform the Figma editor, creating designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimized for user engagement and conversion.
  • Knowz offers mobile app integration for Figma, enabling designers to review and adjust projects even when away from their primary workspace, resulting in a non-stop design cycle.
Creative automation - Generative Design at your command

Transform your creative workflow today

Secure your spot for a demo today and discover the full spectrum of features that await you with Knowz's Figma editor—where your greatest designs come to life.