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Unlock design customization for all: Knowz’s powerful InDesign editor

Knowz's InDesign editor simplifies the design process, enabling both designers and non-designers to collaborate and customize with ease. Transform complex design files into user-friendly formats, eliminating bottlenecks and reducing the need for expensive software licenses.

InDesign editor with the hub
Full InDesign editing suite

Advanced InDesign editing within Knowz

  • Experience professional layout and design with the ease of Knowz's InDesign editor. Bridge the gap between ideation and production with a platform that simplifies the design process.
  • Eliminate creative constraints and licensing hurdles, ensuring every team member can contribute to and modify InDesign files. Knowz's editor promotes inclusivity and efficiency in design management without sacrificing professional standards.
  • Integrate with Knowz's Digital Asset Management system to instantly access and utilize a library of pre-approved brand assets, ensuring consistency across all InDesign projects. This connectivity means your latest logo, color scheme, or font is always at your teams' fingertips.

Innovation through intelligent design

  • Benefit from Knowz's Learning Intelligence, which adapts to your team's design patterns, suggesting optimizations and automations to streamline workflows and improve design outputs.
  • Accelerate design generation with Knowz's AI capabilities, automating tasks within InDesign to focus on creativity and storytelling. Your design team can shift from repetitive work to forging meaningful, impactful designs.
  • Utilize Learning Intelligence to leverage user interaction data, enhancing the relevancy and performance of your InDesign creations for truly data-driven design decisions.
Innovative design by Learning Intelligence
Smart Digital Asset Management and Globalization

Global asset control, local creativity

  • Maintain brand integrity globally with Knowz’s Global Asset Update feature, which allows single updates to universally synchronize across all InDesign projects. A change made in one document cascades through every related asset, preserving brand coherence worldwide.
  • Arm your teams with the tools to tailor InDesign content for regional markets while keeping the core design elements intact. Knowz enables local customization without deviating from the established design blueprint.
  • Integrate with Knowz’s compliance and approval processes, providing peace of mind that every InDesign asset meets company standards before it reaches the audience.

Seamless InDesign project transition

  • Move InDesign projects through Knowz’s advanced workflows with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring that every creative stage from layout to launch is connected and efficient.
  • Access your InDesign workspace on the go with Knowz's mobile integration, keeping your designs moving forward, anywhere, anytime. Rapid feedback and on-the-fly edits keep projects agile and reduce time to market.
  • Enable a flexible approach to InDesign editing and reviewing, with tools designed for today's mobile-first world. Your projects stay dynamic, keeping pace with your team's on-the-move lifestyle.
Seamless InDesign project transition

Transform your InDesign experience with Knowz

Uncover how Knowz's comprehensive suite, including the InDesign Editor, revolutionizes your creative capabilities and accelerates your design-to-deployment timeline. Join the ranks of teams that produce visually stunning and strategically aligned content effortlessly.