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Instantly transform your documents: Knowz's WYSIWYG PDF Editor

Manipulate text, images, and layouts with a user-friendly interface that guarantees your final document looks exactly as it appears on the screen. Whether designing detailed reports or engaging marketing materials, Knowz's PDF Editor streamlines the process, empowering your team to produce superior documents.

the hub's PDF editor
the hub-Interaction & Editing capabilities

Intuitive editing, impactful documents

  • Experience a WYSIWYG editor that simplifies PDF editing. Imagine equipping your teams with the ability to alter text, graphics, and layouts instantly while being confident the final print will match the on-screen display, streamlining their editing process and enhancing productivity.
  • Integrate with Digital Asset Management: access high-quality images, logos, and other brand elements stored in your organization’s repository. This ensures that all PDFs created remain on-brand and leverage the most up-to-date assets.
  • Utilize cross-department collaboration with ease: marketing, sales, and compliance teams can simultaneously work on PDFs to coordinate and streamline updates to critical documents in real-time.

Global Asset Update with PDF precision

  • Deploy the Global Asset Update feature for PDFs to maintain uniformity and accuracy. When a change is made to a shared element, like a legal disclaimer or product information, it is instantaneously reflected in every relevant PDF across the organization, thus safeguarding consistency.
  • Empower teams to dynamically link PDF content with real-time data and insights from Knowz, ensuring documents are always current and aligned with market trends, customer behavior, and the competitive landscape.
Smart Digital Asset Management with PDF precision
Seamless workflow integration

Seamless workflow integration

  • Integrate Knowz's workflow and approval system with the PDF editor to expedite document lifecycle management. Propose changes, receive in-context feedback, and advance straight to the approval stage without ever leaving the editor.
  • Connect the dotted lines from creation to publication by streamlining internal approvals with Knowz’s embedded compliance checks. This ensures that every edited PDF is ready for distribution and meets all necessary standards before going live.

Publish with confidence

  • Once finalized, employ Knowz’s Channel Publishing tools directly from the PDF editor to distribute documents across various platforms, from email to social media or embedded within web pages.
  • Leverage the generative AI features within Knowz to customize and personalize PDF content for different audiences, increasing engagement and resonance with the target demographic.
Channel publishing

Ready to revolutionize your document management?

Don't let outdated document management slow down your success. Get a demo and see how Knowz's" WYSIWYG PDF Editor can add velocity and verve to your content creation. Transform, refine, and distribute your documents with confidence and class—starting now.