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Streamlined video editing: seamless integration within Knowz

Spark cinematic creativity and harness the synergy of advanced Digital Asset Management (DAM) combined with AI. Discover the pinnacle of enterprise video editing with Knowz – where ease meets sophistication in every edit.

Streamlined video editing_ seamless integration within Knowz

Transform your business narrative into visual excellence with Knowz

Keep reading to see how Knowz's video editor within DAM turns your vision into visual reality.
Effortless Video Creation for Enterprises

Effortless video creation for enterprises

Delve into easy video production with Knowz's intuitive editor, designed for quality and rapid execution to animate your brand's story.

  • Streamlined interface: navigate a user-friendly platform designed for quick learning and prompt video production.
  • High-quality outputs: produce up to 4K quality videos that uphold your enterprise's professional standards.
  • Creative flexibility: access a rich library of templates and animation options to tailor content that resonates with your audience.
  • Rapid deployment: from concept to creation, expedite your video publishing with agile editing tools.

Integrated animation studio

Animation is made simple yet powerful. With Knowz's video editor, animate your message for enhanced storytelling that captures attention and conveys complex ideas with clarity.

  • Drag-and-drop animation: create animated sequences effortlessly with a robust and intuitive suite of tools.
  • Customizable elements: personalize every aspect of your animation, from characters to backgrounds, aligning with your brand's aesthetic.
  • Dynamic transitions: enrich your videos with smooth, eye-catching transitions that keep viewers engaged.
Integrated Animation Studio
Collaborative Video Editing

Collaborative video editing

Empower your teams with collaborative editing capabilities. Multiple users can simultaneously input, review, and refine content, ensuring your videos are a collective masterpiece.

  • Collaboration: work together with team members across the globe on video projects.
  • Integrated feedback tools: share thoughts immediately and make changes on the fly with in-editor commenting.
  • Permission controls: manage access and editing rights to ensure security and orderly collaboration.

Ready for business use

Whether it’s for marketing campaigns, training modules, or corporate communications, Knowz's video editor is equipped for every business scenario. Enhance your strategies with the power of video.

  • Brand alignment: use custom color palettes, fonts, and logos to maintain brand consistency across all videos.
  • Rich media library: stock images, footage, and soundtracks at your fingertips to complement your original content.
  • Comprehensive export options: distribute your videos in a variety of formats suitable for different platforms, from social media to high-resolution screens.
Ready for Business Use
Accelerate your video editing workflow

Accelerate your video editing workflow

Utilize the powerful, efficient, and intuitive features of  Knowz's video editor, ensuring that your enterprise's video production is not just high-quality, but also remarkably agile. Create, edit, and animate with a tool that's designed for the fast-paced world of business media.

  • Intuitive editing interface: simple yet powerful controls make video editing accessible for all team members, regardless of their skill level.
  • Rapid content assembly: quickly piece together video segments with our timeline editor for a smooth creative process.
  • Unlimited asset library: quickly access your curated collection of videos and effortlessly integrate them into new projects within minutes, enhancing productivity and creative flow.

Brand control with asset governance

Exercise absolute control over your video content, ensuring every frame aligns precisely with your brand's vision and prepares your enterprise for market leadership.

  • Curated video library: access and incorporate previously curated videos from an expansive asset library, optimizing your workflow and maintaining narrative consistency.
  • Branding consistency: apply and uphold brand guidelines effortlessly within videos to ensure a uniform brand identity across all media outputs.
  • Effortless content refresh: instantly update branding elements and messaging across your video assets with smart, automated asset synchronization, keeping your content current and consistent.
Brand Control with Asset Governance