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Build the source of truth for your company

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Create AI Assistants that fully grasp your business

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Eliminate tedious tasks like never before

Connect over 100 apps 

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Smart DAM: Fully Integrated

Always on brand, always on point, always up to date.

The first Enterprise Search Intelligence solution that integrates with a smart digital asset management system.

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Know for sales teams - Unlocking knowledge, unlocking potential

Knowz makes teams work better:



Human Resources


Everyday Assistants





Instantly search messages in Knowz or directly within Slack

Ensure smooth conversations and eliminate any obstacles or difficulties. Knowz's Slack integration redefines how teams capture, create, and uncover company insights. Effortlessly search across Slack messages or find any piece of knowledge you need, all without leaving Slack.

Knowz Connectors_ All your favorite tools integrate with Knowz!

Supercharge Collaboration

Knowz Slack integration enhances knowledge access and collaboration directly within Slack, ensuring information is easily shared and found, boosting productivity and reducing the need for app switching.

  • Efficient answers for Every Team: Easily find past queries in Slack, speeding up issue resolution and boosting overall satisfaction.
  • Boost Support efficiency: Rapidly resolve tickets by finding previous solutions within your communication channels, ensuring quicker, smarter customer service.
  • Human Resources Milestone Tracking: Discover key employee milestones, from accomplishments to birthdays, ensuring HR teams celebrate and recognize each individual's journey.
  • Empowered sales Insights: Access comprehensive product details and historical account information instantly, equipping sales teams for informed engagements
  • Marketing Intelligence Access: Gain immediate insight into campaign performances, market trends, and consumer feedback, enabling marketing teams to adapt and thrive.

Sales Team using Slack integration in Knowz - Immediate, AI-driven insights from your integrated platforms

Why do you need the Slack integration?

Cut the cutter

Reduce app hopping and significantly lower distractions.

Quick Docs

Immediate access to links for swift document sharing.

Faster Conversations

Quickly find threads & get insights into team dynamics.

Knowz Slack integration_ AI assistant offering doc attached in conversations

Key features of Knowz slack integration

  • Private Queries: Engage with Knowz privately for instant, personalized answers to your queries.
  • Public Interactions: Tag @Knowz in public channels or threads for comprehensive insights, analyzing entire conversations.
  • Channel Integration: Use /knowz in any channel to seamlessly add it to your knowledge base, enriching company-wide resources.
  • Knowledge Base Management: Execute /knowz to view and customize your knowledge base—adding or removing channels as needed.
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