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Transform data chaos into strategic insights

Company Knowledge
Build the source of truth for your company

AI Enterprise Search
Find anything, anywhere

AI Assistants
Create AI Assistants that fully grasp your business

Intelligent WorkflowsHOT
Eliminate tedious tasks like never before

Connect over 100 apps 

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Smart DAM: Fully Integrated

Always on brand, always on point, always up to date.

The first Enterprise Search Intelligence solution that integrates with a smart digital asset management system.

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Know for sales teams - Unlocking knowledge, unlocking potential

Knowz makes teams work better:



Human Resources


Everyday Assistants





Your AI-Driven ultimate source of truth for HR teams

Bring all your HR essentials — policies, learning platforms, people data — together in one harmonious space. Create bespoke AI Assistants, inspired by your very best HR minds and loaded with critical knowledge, ready to offer instant s to every question. 

HR - Your AI-Driven ultimate source of truth for HR teams

Tap into the strength of corporate wisdom

Unite all your essential HR documents in one secure, consistently updated hub with Knowz, your source of truth. Streamline workflows with AI Assistants that disseminate trusted knowledge, transforming task management and information sharing across your organization.

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HR - Instant, trusted answers for every team member, every time

Instant, trusted answers for every team member, every time

Say goodbye to prolonged document searches, minimize disruptions, and elevate your HR team's experience with effortlessly accessible information. 

  • Accelerate new hire success: Direct access to resources speeds up the onboarding journey.
  • Direct access to policies: Quickly navigate HR guidelines with Knowz as your centralized resource.
  • Enhanced team connectivity: Strengthen bonds and clarity through efficient info-sharing with Knowz.

Leverage AI to bring insights into your daily tools

Optimize your workflow by positioning everything you need right where it's most beneficial—eliminating the need to switch tools and saving valuable time.

Visualize crucial HR knowledge from your Company Knowledge Base flawlessly woven into your everyday tools—HRIS, email, Slack, and more. With effortless access to the right information exactly when you need it, decision-making becomes more efficient, significantly enhancing productivity in your day-to-day operations.

HR - Leverage AI to bring insights into your daily tools (1)

All your favorite tools integrate with Knowz!

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The power of Knowz for your HR team

Recruitment Specialist

  • Centralize candidate info for faster recruitment.
  • Offer timely responses to boost engagement.
  • Use insights for culture-fit hires.

Training & Development Officer

  • Distribute training evenly and swiftly.
  • Adjust training in real-time for best results.
  • Simplify access to resources for growth.

HR Compliance Manager

  • Streamline updates with unified policies.
  • Easy access to regulations minimizes violations.
  • Keep records accessible for transparent audits.

Revolutionizing HR Tasks: your journey to AI Automation 

Welcome to a brighter future where your HR tasks handle themselves with Intelligent Workflows powered by AI—Imagine your team liberated from the mundane, with hours saved and minds clear to tackle the big picture, no longer ensnared by the day-to-day drudgery.

  • Pick the Brains: Select the knowledge Knowz requires, equipping its brain for intelligent action.
  • Direct the show: You're in charge, of guiding your AI on how to learn and master new tricks every day.
  • Automate: Allow Knowz to magically manage emails, craft reports, and organize onboarding schedules, saving you time and eliminating tedium.
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Revolutionize HR 

In the ever-evolving landscape of HR, Knowz emerges as a beacon of breakthrough innovation. Armed with cutting-edge AI Assistants and intuitive Workflows, it revolutionizes the essence of building and nurturing a delighted, engaged workforce.

Embark on a transformative journey with Knowz, where a new horizon of HR management awaits — swift, precise, and rich with fulfilling experiences that go beyond mere support to become truly treasured.

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