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Transform data chaos into strategic insights

Company Knowledge
Build the source of truth for your company

AI Enterprise Search
Find anything, anywhere

AI Assistants
Create AI Assistants that fully grasp your business

Intelligent WorkflowsHOT
Eliminate tedious tasks like never before

Connect over 100 apps 

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Smart DAM: Fully Integrated

Always on brand, always on point, always up to date.

The first Enterprise Search Intelligence solution that integrates with a smart digital asset management system.

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Know for sales teams - Unlocking knowledge, unlocking potential

Knowz makes teams work better:



Human Resources


Everyday Assistants





Close more deals with your AI-powered single source of truth

Keep leads engaged with your enterprise's collective insights. Develop AI Sales Assistants as savvy as your best salesperson, customized with crucial knowledge and linked to your Company's Knowledge Base—your ultimate truth source.

Optimize sales efforts with Knowz's AI workflow builder and welcome a new era of sales efficiency.

Knowz for Sales team -  AI sales assistants - Close more deals with your AI-powered single source of truth

Unlocking knowledge, unlocking potential

Knowz is your ultimate Sales Intelligence center, where every piece of your company's knowledge is securely stored and constantly updated, ensuring accurate sharing throughout your sales team.
It's about having the right information at your fingertips and turning every sales challenge into an opportunity.

  • Streamline sales processes: Access all necessary information and resources in a snap to move deals forward faster.
  • Instant access to sales assets: From pricing sheets to case studies and competitor analysis, everything your team needs is always a click away.
  • Collaborate and conquer: Encourage team synergy by sharing insights, strategies, and success stories, all within a unified platform.
  • Ensure unified messaging: Keep your sales pitch consistent across all team members with a centralized knowledge hub.
Know for sales teams - Unlocking knowledge, unlocking potential
Close deals faster, powered by current insightsdge from everywhere - Knowz for sale teams (1)

Answer fast, act faster: stay ahead with real-time answers

Gone are the times of extended delays in getting responses. Prevent your team from spending hours searching through documents by offering precise, real-time answers and replying to clients instantly. Equip your AI Assistants with the desired knowledge and align them with the teams they can support most effectively—guaranteeing access is restricted to the appropriate individuals.

  • Real-time information access: Equip sales teams with the latest product information, pricing, and competitor data at their fingertips.
  • Accelerated sales cycles: Streamline the process from prospecting to closing by quickly accessing relevant information and resources.
  • Personalized customer engagement: Leveraging customer insights and history to tailor conversations and solutions, making every interaction count.

AI-powered insights from integrated platforms

Your sales team nabs the perfect answers just in time, slashing those annoying interruptions and breezing through each deal.

Imagine all the smart info from your Company Knowledge Base popping up directly in your CRM, email, slack and more —just like that, the perfect piece of knowledge is always just a quick click away.

Sales Team using Slack integration in Knowz - Immediate, AI-driven insights from your integrated platforms

All your favorite tools integrate with Knowz!

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The power of Knowz for your sales team

Account Executives:

  • Speedy access to battle cards.
  • Single source for sales materials.
  • Consistent sales messaging.

Sales Development Reps:

  • Quick contact lookup.
  • Higher conversions with customized scripts.
  • Access to competitive insights.

VPs of Sales:

  • Faster onboarding.
  • Insightful performance analytics.
  • AI-enhanced coaching tools.
Know Enterprise Intelligence - Discover information instantly, the power of Knowz - All your company data in one place (1)

Revolutionize marketing with intelligent workflows

Leave AI to do your tasks! With Knowz Intelligent Workflows Builder, everyday tasks are exceptionally done. From automatically generating leads based on specific criteria to scheduling follow-ups or sending personalized emails to prospects, you can automate everything.

  • Choose what Knowz learns: Pick the knowledge you want it to have, making it as smart as you need.
  • Guide its growth: You decide how the AI improves and evolves.
  • Automate: Set it up to automatically send emails, create reports, or whatever you want to automate, using the knowledge it has.

Revolutionize Sales

Embark with Knowz on a transformative journey into the future of sales management—swift, precise, and full of enriching experiences. Move beyond the usual to a world where every interaction and strategy becomes invaluable.

Unlock unmatched efficiency, insight, and agility that propel you forward in the competitive landscape. With Knowz, seize every moment to excel, innovate, and lead.

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