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Transform data chaos into strategic insights

Company Knowledge
Build the source of truth for your company

AI Enterprise Search
Find anything, anywhere

AI Assistants
Create AI Assistants that fully grasp your business

Intelligent WorkflowsHOT
Eliminate tedious tasks like never before

Connect over 100 apps 

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Smart DAM: Fully Integrated

Always on brand, always on point, always up to date.

The first Enterprise Search Intelligence solution that integrates with a smart digital asset management system.

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Know for sales teams - Unlocking knowledge, unlocking potential

Knowz makes teams work better:



Human Resources


Everyday Assistants





AI Assistants: The game-changer for every team

Design AI assistants with the specific knowledge you choose for each role, then effortlessly assign them to the right teams, blending seamlessly with your company’s unique insights and everyday tools.

Know for sales teams - Unlocking knowledge, unlocking potential

Create AI Assistants in minutes

Customize Knowledge

Teach your AI Assistant with targeted knowledge from your company's data to ensure it delivers relevant, updated information.

Define Personality
Select its name, adjust its tone and mood, craft its responses, and pick a profile photo to create a friendly AI assistant.
Deploy across your team
Quickly share your AI assistant with your team or the whole company, letting everyone get the answers they need, when they need them.

Expert AI Assistants at your service

Dive into the future of work where Knowz AI Assistants become the backbone of your team's success, offering specialized insights and solutions tailored to the unique challenges of each department.

Unlock the full potential of your teams by equipping them with Knowz AI Assistants, trained specifically in the knowledge areas crucial to their tasks. From detailed market analytics to intricate technical solutions, each assistant is custom-tailored to deliver the precise support your team needs to thrive.

Marketing - An AI-powered single source of truth for all your marketing genius
Marketing - Swift Insights, quicker decisions_ lead with live marketing answers

Instant, trusted, up-to-date answers from your Knowledge Base

Knowz AI Assistants connect to your company’s knowledge and fully comprehend your company's goals, challenges, and workflows. AI assistants that truly understand your business can provide you with strategic insights.

They’re not just tools; they’re expert advisors that evolve with your company, ensuring every decision is informed and every strategy is poised for success.

Ending Misinformation: Ushering in productivity

  • Custom-fit knowledge:  Customize your AI assistant's knowledge, appearance, and communication style to suit your team's needs perfectly.
  • Reliable & informed:  Knowz AI gives your team access to valuable company knowledge, helping them make smart decisions with confidence.
  • Seamlessly integrated: Knowz effortlessly integrates with your existing systems, whether it's internal databases, cloud storage, or third-party apps.
  • Secure & Compliant: Built with the strongest security protocols and compliance measures, Knowz ensures your data remains protected, private, and under your control.
Keep customers smiling with revolutionary support
Accurate and personalized AI_ right answers, right place

Fit your style: tailor the perfect team member

Knowz AI Assistants come with a personal touch, adapting not just to your operational needs but also to your organizational culture. Choose how your assistants communicate, ensuring every interaction is intuitive and straightforward, enabling your teams to focus on what they do best. Fine-tune their name, tone, mood, response style, and more.

How Knowz's AI Assistants elevate every role


Enhance customer experiences with AI that swiftly resolve issues and personalizes interactions, elevating satisfaction and loyalty.

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Transform your sales process with assistants who know exactly when and how your team should reach out to prospects.

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Unleash the full potential of your campaigns with AI that understands your audience better than ever before.

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Human Resources

Revolutionize how you manage talent, from recruitment to retention, with AI that’s always one step ahead.

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Streamline every process, ensuring your operations run efficiently and effectively, day in and day out.


Turn your finance team into strategic heroes, with AI that not only crunches numbers but also uncovers insights that drive decisions.


A list of all the connector and integrations for the hub-1

Integration that knows no bounds

Leverage the power of over 100+ app integrations as Knowz AI Assistants seamlessly sync with your existing systems, amplifying the collective knowledge and capabilities of your enterprise. It’s an effortlessly integrated future of work.

  • Over 100+ app integrations for seamless workflow
  • No-hassle setup with user-friendly API connections
  • Enhance the power of collective enterprise knowledge

Seamless interaction, anytime, anywhere

With Knowz, crucial insights are always at your fingertips, accessible through voice, text, or keyboard. It's about boosting productivity and streamlining workflows for faster decision-making and a nimbler, more adaptable work environment.

  • Chatbots: Dive into rich insights without leaving your messaging platform, streamlining information retrieval for faster decision-making.
  • Voice Assistants: Keep the workflow flowing with voice-activated searches, perfect for obtaining information on the go or when your hands are full.
  • Within Keyboards: [coming soon] Minimize disruptions with direct access to Knowz right from your keyboard, making it simpler than ever to pull up crucial data without shifting focus. 
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AI Automated Workflow_ Integrated into your processes - Home Page

Intelligent Workflows: Let AI handle Your tedious tasks

Unlock the true potential of your team with the power of Knowz Workflows. By automating routine tasks, Knowz elevates productivity to new heights, freeing your team to focus on what they do best—innovating and problem-solving.

Dive into a world where efficiency reigns supreme, and watch your projects move faster than ever before.