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Transform data chaos into strategic insights

Company Knowledge
Build the source of truth for your company

AI Enterprise Search
Find anything, anywhere

AI Assistants
Create AI Assistants that fully grasp your business

Intelligent WorkflowsHOT
Eliminate tedious tasks like never before

Connect over 100 apps 

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Smart DAM: Fully Integrated

Always on brand, always on point, always up to date.

The first Enterprise Search Intelligence solution that integrates with a smart digital asset management system.

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Know for sales teams - Unlocking knowledge, unlocking potential

Knowz makes teams work better:



Human Resources


Everyday Assistants





From AI to Z: Knowz powers your discovery

Streamlining operations through voice-activated insights, automated AI reporting, and real-time transcription, Knowz equips officers with tools for faster, safer, and smarter decision-making. Empower your team with the future of public safety technology.

From AI to Z_ Knowz powers your discovery (1)

Search everything, everywhere, at every moment

Say goodbye to the chaotic information exchange with Knowz. From documents and emails to chat conversations and project tools - crafting a unified truth source. Unearth the unseen; discern connections, patterns, and insights previously hidden right before your eyes.
Marketing - Unlocking instant access to your companys intellectual resources
A secure AI, controlled by you (1)

A secure AI, controlled by you

Update and organize your documentation and create the best version of your company's knowledge with Knowz. Revolutionize how your team accesses company information by drawing directly from your source of truth.

With Knowz, everyone only sees the information that is relevant to them and what they have access to. Dive into a world of secure, private, and verifiably accurate answers with Knowz, where trust and transparency shine in every interaction.

Knowz connects to all your favourite tools

Search across your apps, chats, & docs. Integrate seamlessly with over 100 native and API applications, streamlining your workflow into a cohesive process.
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AI-Assistants: Build a team of experts

Knowz’s AI Assistants help your team instantly find the answers they need when they need them. They are customizable to the core. Teach them a specific knowledge scope, choose their voice, personalize their appearance, and assign them to the relevant teams for seamless interaction.

Assistants can be integrated into every corner of the platform, or even into other tools used in your organization. This unique feature from Knowz allows for seamless integration into your team's day-to-day activities

Marketing - Swift Insights, quicker decisions_ lead with live marketing answers

Release wisdom, rally productivity

Focus your conversations

Utilize answers to significantly reduce irrelevant chatter in chat channels.


Knowz slack (1)

Simplify management

Streamline processes with fewer supervising roles, leading to direct and efficient operations.

Fortified foundations_ Knowzs security-first approach

Ensure accurate information

Provide immediate access to the correct data, eliminating misunderstandings and misinformation.

Release Wisdom, Rally Productivity

How Knowz's AI Assistants elevate every role


Enhance customer experiences with AI that swiftly resolve issues and personalizes interactions, elevating satisfaction and loyalty.

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Transform your sales process with assistants who know exactly when and how your team should reach out to prospects.

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Unleash the full potential of your campaigns with AI that understands your audience better than ever before.

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Human Resources

Revolutionize how you manage talent, from recruitment to retention, with AI that’s always one step ahead.

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Streamline every process, ensuring your operations run efficiently and effectively, day in and day out.



Turn your finance team into strategic heroes, with AI that not only crunches numbers but also uncovers insights that drive decisions.


Empower AI to revolutionize the mundane

Remove daily repetitive tasks from your workload. AI is a game-changer; you define the parameters, remove the noise, and automate any task you can think of without needing any developer or high-level skills.

Knowz’s Workflow Builder learns any piece of knowledge in the order you desire, ultimately enabling real actions, such as sending an email, creating a report, issuing a notification, creating tasks, and more. With AI in place, the possibilities become limitless.

AI Automated Workflow_ Integrated into your processes - Home Page

Everyday tasks, exceptionally done

Educate, guide, automate

Teach AI to learn what it needs and how to automate the tasks you want to do. 

Strategic, impactful, efficient

Automate purposefully for impactful changes in productivity and outcomes

Seamless integration

Integrate your workflows with the tools and platforms your team already uses.

Accurate and personalized AI_ right answers, right place

Knowz unify your Company's Intelligence

Knowz seamlessly integrates the capabilities of three key solutions - Company Wiki, Enterprise Search, and Digital Asset Management - into one smooth platform, enhancing productivity, management efficiency, and collaboration across your organization. Experience unprecedented acceleration in every aspect of your business in a new way.  

Unify intelligence & assets management

Leveraging the proven success of We Brand, our flagship product acclaimed for meeting the most demanding asset management requirements, Knowz introduces a new era. It takes We Brand solutions to unprecedented levels of customization and efficiency to meet your specific needs.

With Knowz, you're in control. Opt to blend We Brand's core solutions into our offerings, tailoring the perfect fit for your asset management needs—only if it's right for you.

All-in-One DAM, Editing, Workflow, & Translation for Global Brand Governance. (1)
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Data ring-fencing

At the core of Knowz lies a commitment to impenetrable security—engineered with the expertise of seasoned professionals who prioritize your data's safety. By embracing contemporary security paradigms, Knowz delivers peace of mind in the digital age. 

Search No More, Knowz Better

Unlock company-wide intelligence: Say goodbye to the days of hunting down documents and misinterpretations—Knowz turns every challenge into an opportunity for easy access and seamless communication.

Knowz_ Discovery Power in your hand (1)