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Revolutionize your enterprise with smart Generative AI

Knowz's Learning Intelligence - your single source of truth

Meet the future of enterprise intelligence – Knowz's Generative AI Assistants, designed to empower your teams with smart insights and secure knowledge management. Ramp up your company's potential with AI that understands your business.

Revolutionize your enterprise with smart Generative AI

Unlock your entire team's potential with Generative AI 

Context-aware answers
Direct insights from your company's comprehensive data.

Safe, scalable AI
Secure, tailored results respecting user access and audit-ready

Easy AI integration
Ready-to-use with extensive connectors and no extra setup.

High-tech AI assistants that learn and grow with your enterprise
Powered by Knowz’s Learning Intelligence

High-tech AI assistants that learn and grow with your enterprise

Experience the cutting-edge of workplace automation. Our AI Assistants, powered by generative AI, personalize content and understand your unique enterprise dynamics, fostering a smarter, more efficient work environment.

  • Tailored insights: Knowz offers precision with knowledge calibrated to your company's unique landscape.
  • Secure access: Knowz maintains strict data governance, allowing visibility based on user permissions.
  • Trusted sources: Knowz provides dependable answers with cross-referenced data from all corporate resources.
Tailored user interface

Accurate and personalized AI: right answers, right place

Imagine having a reliable source for all your queries that melds seamlessly with your workflow. Our AI Assistants deliver precise knowledge across platforms like Slack and Confluence, tailored to every user's specific needs.

  • Custom-build assistants tailored to specific expertise, with options to fine-tune their name, tone, mood, response brevity, and knowledge scope.
  • Flexible display and placement: choose how AI Assistants appear—as chatbots, within keyboards, or via notifications—and embed them anywhere, from workspaces to public pages.
  • Knowz syncs with current sources for trusted, accurate information across your documents and apps.
  • Real-time solutions spanning your company's entire data pool.
Accurate and personalized AI_ right answers, right place
Integrate AI assistants for streamlined task management
AI-enhanced task flow

Integrate AI assistants for streamlined task management

Simplify and accelerate your workflow with Knowz's AI Assistants. With intuitive response feedback, create and assign tasks effortlessly, boosting productivity and ensuring each team member excels in their role.

  • Feedback-driven tasks: quickly transform responses into a task, assign it, and keep your workflow moving.
  • Seamless team coordination: empower teams to collaborate efficiently with AI-generated tasks and priorities.
  • Accelerated productivity: reduce manual task creation with AI that learns your preferences, optimizing your to-do lists and schedules.

Supercharge productivity with AI Assistants attuned to each department's unique workflow

Generative AI for SEO, marketing and sales experts

  • Tailored insights for market trends and SEO optimization.
  • Enhance sales strategies with AI-driven data analysis.
  • Streamline marketing efforts for maximum impact.
Generative AI for SEO, marketing and sales experts
Generative AI assistants for engineering ii (1)

Generative AI assistants for engineering

  • Innovative problem-solving with advanced AI intellect.
  • Optimize engineering processes with predictive AI models.
  • Enhance product development with intelligent data interpretation.

Generative AI assistants for support

  • Provide top-tier customer service with AI precision.
  • Resolve support tickets efficiently with AI-driven guidance.
  • Enhance user experience with instant AI-powered responses.
Generative AI assistants for support
A list of all the connector and integrations for the hub-1

Seamless integration, infinite possibilities

  • Over 100+ app integrations for seamless workflow
  • No-hassle setup with user-friendly API connections
  • Enhance the power of collective enterprise knowledge

Witness the dawn of AI-empowered workplaces

Knowz's Generative AI — fueling a smarter, more connected Enterprise era. Upgrade to Knowz's AI Mentors now and transform your business landscape.

Deploy our Learned Intelligence for revolutionary knowledge powers